Mercedes Christmas Tree

Best ad for this Christmas

I think Mercedes has done an amazing job with this ad. Really simple but at the same time effective. You don't even need to see the brand logo and nam...


Ten really cool ads!

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Do u need grass to check your heels...

Yeah, in two weeks Ascot horseraces will be here and I'll try not to miss it. Yesterday when I was on the train I was reading the newspaper and this a...


Thatcher once described her handbag as the only safe place in Downing Street, and it became a symbol of her style of government.

Thatcher’s series. Chapter 1: Her handbag becomes trend

Everybody knows that Margaret Thatcher was a very tough leader. Her strong character, quick answers and intelligence made us to remember her...

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Difference between Digital marketing and Traditional marketing

Well I'm so happy to say that I'm studying a new marketing course. It's called Digital Marketing and...

Social Media Strategy

google analytics set and funnels

Tutorial:How to create funnels and goals with Google Analytics (English and Spanish version)

I'm sure many of you have been trough the lovely world of Google Analytics. One of the most important parts are the funnels and goals. On th...

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Einstein glasses? The new power of Google Glasses

Albert Einstein said that he was so afraid of future technology, because we would become stupid. And step by step we are going towards this ...

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NOT ALL INTERVIEWS ARE THE SAME. 5 tips about how succeed.

  There is only one thing that I dislike more than going for a job interview and that is climbing the ladder to go to my parent’s at...

Tutorial:How to create funnels and goals with Google Analytics (English and Spanish version)

I’m sure many of you have been trough the lovely world of Google Analytics. One of the most important parts are the funnels and goals. On this tutorial I show you how to create a goal, set funnels, analyse them and get the best out of it!

Check these tutorials to have an idea of what is going on:

- English version


- Spanish version


How to analyse different periods of time with your Google Analytics account

Hello! Well yes, finally I decided to go for it and talk about Google Analytics and how you can take advantage of the info in there. Basically on this video I show you how you can check different periods of time in your account and get the information you need according to your business strategy.

When you decide to go and compare you have three different choices:

1. Custom: You decide exactly what days, weeks or months you want to compare.

2. Previous period: It compares exactly the previous period you chose on the first variables

3. Previous year: It compares exactly the period you have on the first variable with the same period but from last year.

This is just an example… why don’t you have a look!?

Where to find your files on Samsung Galaxy?

Well, at the beginning when I got my Samsung I was struggling a little bit. You have to imagine… having a BlackBerry for 4 years… that wasn’t really fully working (it was ok with Whatsapp but for my to browse was a completely nightmare) but I loved because it was purple, was a big change for me. And for good of course.

I like to share information from my laptop to my phone. I usually send files to my phone regarding e-books, movies or pictures; but sometimes I was struggling because I couldn’t find the files I wanted  to see. Till I found the key! And this is THE FILE MANAGER.

It’s an orange folder that is in the main in your phone.

Here as the steps showed on my phone:

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Best ad for this Christmas

I think Mercedes has done an amazing job with this ad. Really simple but at the same time effective. You don’t even need to see the brand logo and name because is already implicit in the star. Cheers!

Mercedes Christmas Tree

Mercedes Christmas Tree

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How to download pictures on Pinterest

As social media lover I like to use different channels and one of them is definitely Pinterest. I love pictures that people post on it because there are unique a really good quality.

Not long time ago I was always using my phone to donwload pictures on Pinterest. It was easy, you just needed to click on the picture and then, save image. Last week I was highly surprised when I couldn’t get even one to download. I was thinking that maybe that day Pinterest had problems with the channel, but then the same thing happened the day after and the next few days.  And to be honest… I didn’t just only want to pin my pictures and have them on the boards, I wanted them in my phone so I decided to go for a mission. And the mission was to find the way to download my beloved photos.

I browsed online for quite a while, checking some apps, but I couldn’t find any really good one. Till I read something really simple and that really works. Basically instead of opening Pinterest with the app icon in your phone, you just need to go to Chrome or Firefox and open it through it. As easy as that. With the app you will  not be able to download them but browsing with your phone like a normal page, will definitely do it!

Just try!  Read more

Difference between Digital marketing and Traditional marketing

Well I’m so happy to say that I’m studying a new marketing course. It’s called Digital Marketing and it’s here in London thanks to London School of Marketing. And I must say at the moment I’m studying the first module which is quite basic if you take into account that I studied marketing before but the next modules seems very promising. I will keep you posted.

Well to start with I would like to talk about the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing.













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When I was coming back to London after my holidays in Spain I stopped at the airport to get some coffee and then I bought Google’s handbook of the year related with SEO. I must say that it has being useful so far.

I was reading after social monitoring and metrics and it seems they already knew about Topsy. Topsy is a great tool if you want to know what is happening with your posts, articles, tweets, etc. It tells you instantly about that. In fact I was checking Topsy’s website and they have quite a nice upgrades related with research and channels. Now with you can check a particular link and see how many have been talking about it on the social media channels. Check the article I wrote few months ago about it! 

New Topsy

New Topsy
















As you can see, in the new upgraded Topsy you have a big box to search about the link you want to know about. You can research about a special link, video, picture and also influencers. Everything is pretty much the same. You use a link and then you get the info related with it. For example, to check for links I have used  EL PAIS’ newspaper link related with Corea, and check what it says:

Checking links with Topsy

Checking links with Topsy













On this case you can see that the link has being tweeted around 175 times since it was posted. You can also check the tweets and what they say and the influencers that have been talking about it. This last part it’s really good if you want to quote them on your site, interact with them or create an strategy towards their comments.





On this case I clicked on the box called Social Analytics on the main site and I type the name of my website, my twitter acount and a keyword. As I have already known I haven’t tweeted yesterday or today, nobody linked my website and around 25ooo tweets were related with hats. You can also check the top tweet per hours. This is very convenient for interaction! Well done Topsy.

Social Trends with Topsy

Social Trends with Topsy

You can also click on the Social Trends box on the main page to go to trending news that are happening and are being most commented on Twitter. Then you can check the language and decide what to do with it. Reply, create and strategy or also write an article about it. Kudos to you Topsy!

 Social Crawlytics and Fresh Web Explorer

Other social media sites that seem pretty good are Social Crawlytics and Fresh Web Explorer.

Social Crawlytics is a site crawl based competitive social analytics tool that provides page by page social metrics, author popularity and a breakdown of page level shares by social network via a solid UI or API interface. It’s free!

The new doll of the real-time mentions monitoring scene is Fresh Web Explorer. You can compare mentions of your favourite terms found on the internet up to four weeks ago, export the data and combine it with other information from your  tools. My favourite feature is the ability to find mentions of your site that don’t currently link. Awesome!


Basic concepts of key metrics in Analytics


There are 2 different types of data when we talk about Google Analytics: dimensions and metrics.

Dimensions data is about the characteristics of our users, sessions and actions. It basically describes your data.

Metrics data gives us the quantitative measurements of users, sessions and actions. It basically measures your data. Read more

Six easy steps to Segment Data

When you are on digital marketing and using Google Analytics you always have to have a look at the segment data. Why? Because it does help you a lot to identify what is the best way to create your marketing strategy.

You have different ways to segment your data:

- Sources

- Date and time

- Device

- Marketing channel

- Geography

- Customer characteristics.

By sources we refer to the visits, purchases and revenue. Thanks to this numbers you can check what sources are getting more visits, more purchases and more revenue. With that info you can always tell what is getting more revenue, less revenue and in what part you should get more involved and put more effort.

sources in analytics

sources in analytics

By date and time, this is the day and time our prospects click go the website. What is the main purpose of this? It’s very simple. With this info you can use your budget to put the ads for the days  you think you are going to have more people. And also the time. Maybe for you it’s more convenient to insert and ad or a post at 6pm when you know that people are leaving work and they are more likely to check their phone rather than 11am when everyone is working.

By device. It’s also very important too. With this info you can check what device is used more by potential clients. It can be through a laptop, phone, tablet etc. With this info you can do many things. Most important of all is to check if your website is compatible with mobile devices. For example, my website is not really compatible with mobile devices. You can see the blog part and the main posts but it doesn’t show the website properly. If you are running a very important business you must be aware of this and create a mobile site that is going to be very functional with the users.Also, once you have this info you can also decide how to write the post, insert ads (maybe you prefer to do it online in a mobile device because you are getting more clicks through it).


Devices in analytics

Devices in analytics
















By marketing channel: Well this is also important because we need to know through what channel we are being contacted. Is it Twitter? Facebook? Vine? We need to know what channels they are using to emphasise the strategy in there. For example if your main clicks are coming through Twitter instead of Facebook you should focus just on this channel rather than spend more energy on Facebook. You have to market smart!

Channels in analytics

Channels in analyt















By geography: This is a key point in your marketing strategy. Because its not the same if you know that your main clients or clicks are in Mexico rather than Australia. In that case, maybe you will have to redirect your strategy on a different basis. Maybe you prefer to give more importance to spanish language in your website and also orientate your products or at least your advertising in there to mexican culture.

Geography in analytics

Geography in analytics















By customer characteristics you can check what type of customers are going to your website. If they are new customers or they are repeating customers to help you understand what drives users to become loyal customers.

Customers in analytics

Customers in analytics









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