Design for all 5 senses. The sunflower and the essences. Ted talks

One thing I love to do some nights (when I have time) is to listen to TED talks. They are usually insightful and inspiring and make me feel that human are capable to do great things, be creative and enjoy to the best this world that we share.

In this case I would like to share a Ted Talk related with 5 senses and how human experiment different feelings with their all senses. It’s a nice talk and of course sex is involved! We enjoy it with all of our senses!

The talk starts with the lecturer talking about how he tried to create a different clock for a class. He tried with sunflowers but it wasn’t enough. One of his colleagues used aromatic essences to check the hours! Amazes me the fact of their creativity using sunflowers and aromatic essences are everything less common to check the time. But this guy invention clock has only one wrong thing. Sunflowers only point to the east. So, in this case, the initiative is brave but not efficient. He couldn’t create his dream clock based on sunflowers. He should try with other flowers! Roses, maybe.

Let’s check the talk! Really inspiring :)

Jinsop Lee: Design for all 5 senses



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