House of Cards for debate. Politics and Communication.

Why do I like House of Cards so much? Well, lately I have watched some shows that I have always wanted to watch, such as Prison Break or The Wire (I highly recommend the first season of Prison Break and all the seasons of The Wire); but none of them have left me with a sweet savour like House of Cards. Maybe it’s because I love political communications or maybe it’s just because the actors and the plot are outstanding. But the truth is the show is truly worth it (You can watch it on Neftlix).

What is the series about? Politics. The lead character Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is a congressman in the United States. He wants to be the next vice president of USA but, for several reasons he can’t achieve it. So he starts to play a strategic game to get his goal. Will he achieve his aim?

Obviously my opinion is totally subjective but I would like to put on the table more details that make this series so special

      1. A happy  married couple seems to be a long chat that is always too short

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright: Co stars and married on set. You can see from far that Frank Underwood is a natural strategist. He doesn’t give a false step without knowing which one is going to be the next. His wife Claire (R. Wright) is his accomplice and ally in all , helping him with  his goals  on  several occasions. You can say that both perfomances are exceptional and you can really feel their pressure, fears and thinking.

Rules in political communication: You have to empathise  with your public. No matter how good your speech is ,If your supporters don’t believe you, you are done for You are at a dead end. Before  everything you should define your own character (character that must be natural more than anything) and emphasize with your public. To begin with, you represent a party so you should believe in their ideals. Everything that comes out of your mouth must be sincere and credible. What a better example than Martin Luther King and his speech “I have a dream” to understand how feeling can move us


2.       The truth comes through the eyes

Talk to your public. Frank Underwood directly connects with the audience. How? He talks straight to camera. Though this technique  is not usually used on tv, indeed it’s very effective to engage the audience; with this he explains to us  his actions. Sometimes he winks at us and we feel that we are his allies. And of course all good things have imitations, and some imitators  just came out using this same method. Watch it and tell me… are you convinced? (start from 1’30’’) The method

Political communication rule:  Appear honest and everybody will believe you.



3.       If we pretend to be something, then why not be what we pretend to be?

Everybody has a vague idea about politics’ complicated world. Everything seems like what it is, but nothing is what is seems. We live the “politics outdoors” but we don’t know about “politics indoors”. Well, in politics, like in life, whoever lives by the sword, dies by the sword. In House of Cards we are  indulged with the politics’ strategic games. Double plans; taking  one step backwards with the assurance of going five steps forward. Manipulation of people or even  killings will  make us  understand how the politicians are   and what they do.

Politics communication rule: Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

4. Quoting Maria Jose Canel “Nowadays politics that is not shown in press, doesn’t exist” we can accept that the media is an indispensable element in politics. No matter how much you have done for your community, a city, a family or a person; if it’s not in the media, it seems that you did nothing. Media has the capacity to move masses or even governments. Every politician worth his salt needs a journalist’s good help to filter or anticipate  information. Of course Frank Underwood has his own journalist: Zoe. Zoe is a blogger that becomes a known columnist. Zoe wants to scale positions in the media world and that’s why she gives an offer to Underwood that he couldn’t refuse: She is going to filter all the information that Underwood will give to her and in  turn she  gets a relevant position in the journalism world. Zoe is not going to be aware till the last moment about the  magnitude of  her role in the USA’s political events. West wing’s show is other good example about how to manage communication into the political circles. (West wing’s show is other good example about how to manage communication into the political circles) .

Political communication rule: Let your actions speak for you and not your words.

5.       Don’t do it if it’s not for you. Don’t say it if it’s not true.

House of Cards is a mirror in which we see reflected the human qualities. Love, hate, revenge, ambition all mix on this show, with the purpose of feeling ourselves completely identified with the characters. Not in vain, there is nothing better than to look  in the mirror to understand yourself a bit more

Politics Communication Rule: the majority cause of our human relationship problem is the lack of mutual recognition


6.Sometimes the politician confuses oratory with politics.

Oratory accelerated classes. Everybody knows that politicians possess a huge capacity to move, motivate and persuade masses. Some of them have a natural gift to do it but most of them need to be trained to sound convinced to the public. Frank Underwood has this gift that transmits confidence in the whole aspects of his life: love, social and work planes. It goes without saying that  all of us must have or at least develop our capacity to show ourselves more confidently, securely and be proud about  ourselves.

Communication politics rule: All the human organs get tired sometimes,  exceptthe tongue. The one that can’t shut up, doesn’t know how to talk

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