NOT ALL INTERVIEWS ARE THE SAME. 5 tips about how succeed.


There is only one thing that I dislike more than going for a job interview and that is climbing the ladder to go to my parent’s attic, because I suffer from vertigo. Yes, I’m almost 30 years old and I don’t know how the attic looks. The fact of falling down with no protection terrifies me. It’s almost the same feeling when I go for an interview. You try to prepare yourself for the worst, and for the best. You research about the company, the workers, the future prospects… You also wash and clean your cv with the hope of being the perfect, amazing, unbelievable…. Candidate? No, sir! The perfect, amazing, unbelievable next person to hire! Sometimes you climb the ladder to the sky and other times the ladder just breaks bringing yourself into the sadness of thinking.  ”Really? So I dressed up so nice for nothing!”


You get there (hopefully not late), and you see the others “next people to hire” as well dressed as you and even some of them look better! “I should have chosen the purple tie” you think. But now it is too late. Always feel comfortable with everything you are wearing no matter what. If those shoes are killing you, then choose others. If the blue shirt is too tight, don’t mind if your skin colour fits better with blue, choose another one that you feel comfortable in.


I know, you are keen to meet the interviewer but the awkward moment comes when you have to shake hands and yours feel like you have been running for 3 hours. Be careful! At least bring a tissue with you. And drink some water. Makes you focus on the situation and less nervous.


Finally, you are there with your interviewer. Face to face like a romance story. You look into each other’s eyes and you think: Yeah, he loves me. He stares at you and thinks: What a prick!  You turn feeling uncomfortable because you know that there is no romance any longer with the person you have in front. You scratch yourself thinking: why me? I thought he liked me. You don’t even know how to sit down properly: should I cross my legs? Rest on the chair? Keep my back straight? Too many questions for only one answer: You are finished


Calm down! It’s only an interview. No one is dying and you are not going to be hung for this. Imagine that you are talking to someone that is your friend but you respect. If you really have passion for what you do, don’t worry the interviewer will know this.



Some people go as far as going to the psychologist to prepare themselves. This professional can give you handy advice about how to behave in an interview, how to sit down, shake hands or look confident. This kind of workshop is really useful for people that are not really confident about themselves. But the only thing the psychologist can’t prepare you is for the unexpected. What a better way to know how a person behaves in front of a peculiar (to say the least) situation? That is what Heineken did with amazing results!

Not all interviews are the same!

Heineken case - The Candidate


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