Mum I want to be creative and the Candle Problem

As you know I always love creativity. I think that when we grow up we always miss that part in ourselves and we tend to focus more in other parts like updating information about what we studied (medicine, languages, finance…) but the creativity seems to be missing. And that is a big mistake because as we grow up we need to develop more and more our creative “cavity”. That is amazingly important. With creativity we can think beyond the “normal” thinking an invent things that nobody did before. How do yo think they invented the phone, computers etc? Because all those people tried to develop their creative thinking and as a result of that huge things happened.  I would love to propose you some games to develop your creative thinking, and that would be before my today’s recommendation:

Creative thinking

 Exercise :The Candle

The candle problem or candle task, also known as Duncker’s candle problem, is a cognitive performance test, measuring the influence of functional fixedness on a participant’s problem solving capabilities. The test was created by Gestalt psychologist Karl Duncker and published posthumously in 1945. Duncker originally presented this test in his thesis on problem solving tasks at Clark University.

The test presents the participant with the following task: how to fix a lit candle on a wall (a cork board) in a way so the candle wax won’t drip onto the table below.To do so, one may only use the following along with the candle:

  • a book of matches
  • a box of thumbtacks















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- “Mama quiero ser creativa” is a facebook page developed by a friend of mine that loves advertising. The good thing about this page is that you will find creative thinking you didn’t find before. The images and internal thinking is not just a copy paste. All her post are well written and thought.  Here is the facebook page: Mama quiero ser creativa 

Some examples of her work:










































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