What is Klout? Your social media “influence” score

If you use Twitter and you are following people that have 25.000 followers I’m sure you think: wow! This person must interact with everyone that’s why he has thousands of followers. Well that’s not true sometimes… There are accounts that only have 500 followers and they interact a lot more than other with hugest followers. How can you know that? With Klout.

Klout is a platform that you can use to know the “score” of your and other accounts on Twitter. Klout is basically the standard for influence. The only thing you have to do is going to Klout.com sign up, link your social media accounts and this platform will give your global score for all your websites (from 0 to 100)


If your score is more than 50 that means that your influence is quite good and your presence on the social media websites is relatively significant. Mine is 58 for example. Rihanna and Justin Bieber among others have a score 100, obviously.

What can you do after knowing these results? Well I’m sure you prefer to follow someone that is quite active on the social media website, a person that retweet, comment, follow your pictures than other one that just opened his account and has a huge amount of followers, but he never interacts with them.

If you have Hootsuite you can also know inmediately all your followers klout score when you click on their profiles. It’s an accurate social media influence score.

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